Daddy's admonishment to son

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41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 

(Matthew 5:41)

 When Jesus said this; he had in mind the one who forces you to go two 

miles was one of the Roman soldiers, forces you to carry his load. 

Rome was an enemy country to Israel, ruling Israel by force.

In my last discourse, I said God rewarded the ones who did their 

very best in whatever circumstances.

Lincoln, while his many failures in his life endeavors, he did his very best. 

Joseph, While his life of slavery. He did his very best.

David, He was given the least desirable job, shepherds were not even 

allowed to be a witness in the court. They were treated as subhuman, 

but he did his very best.

How could they do their very best in those situations?

Because they entrusted their life affairs in God’s care, not in any

influential human being or situation. Human being or

situation are always apt to change, neither are reliable.

So diligently cultivate your relationship with God.

God who is omnipotent, omniscient can and will be responsible of our 

lives. Because we are His creations. He created us to have love relationship.

I love you and may God bless you,


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