admonition to my son

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Hi George,

Umma and I have been praying for your lecture continually and we will be keep praying.

Psalm 119:18  “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law”

We know the story of David and Goliath.(1Samuel 17:) While Saul and his soldiers only saw the giant figure of Goliath, David perceived the wide forehead, his easy sling target. God opened David’s eyes.

Also we know the story of 12 spies who went to spy out the Canaan land and people, among the 12 ,10 of them only saw the big figures of Nephilims, only Joshua and Caleb knew the almighty God who was with them. 

Spiritual insight is our strength.

David had spiritual insight, David had chance to kill Saul, but he did not because he had spiritual insight that God was watching  (1Samuel 24:)

Ask God to give you spiritual insight and wisdom.

My grand father always said, Man-soo-il-ri( 萬殊一理) ten thousand phenomenon, one principle)

When I first learned computer, the teacher said (garbage in garbage out). Which means you input good  then good come out, bad in bad out.

You said the morale of the workers of your company is low.  

Descartes: “I think therefore I am”  The philosopher said this in what context, I don’t know, but I think we can apply it to our lives.

I am proud of being a house painter, because I think. 

What is there to be proud of being a house painter?

1. I beautify a house. 2. I increase the property value. 3. I contribute to the community. 4. I get satisfaction of achievement.  5. I earn living from the byproduct.  Money should come as  byproduct, never work for money.

Work for money do make a person tiresome. Make a person’s morale low. 

Your company workers should all be grateful and proud.

(Above is an admonition to my son, our son requested a prayer request for his lecture to the company

employees to boost morale.)

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