Excuse my language, the language bar of my computer doesn't work, so I am writing this in English.

While I have time, I must write this down when my memory is still fresh., otherwise these precious experiences of 

my life would be lost from my memories. 

First of all I thank God for bestowing us a safe, healthy and worthwhile short term mission trip.

A. It was overwhelming to see how missionary Chung Han Kyu has been accomplished the mission work.

The beautiful church building he has built and the congregation of over 50 mixed Korean immigrants and people of Ukraine.

And three small church he has established in rural farming communities and being ministered by indigenous ministers and how 

earnest they were in Christian faith.

And the baptist Seminary established by the Ukraine people themselves, the school facilities and faculty  members and students,

they were all very eager for the gospel.

Missionary Chung Han Kyu has borne many good fruits so far  and still bearing,

B.  We visited the detention camp of Jewish people during the holocaust in Prague Republic Czchek and the guide mentioned

about Sir Nicholas Winton,who saved over 600 Jewish children from the holocaust of Nazis and  

when he was awarded the honor for the accord, the man said 'a man's worth is not in his dignity or character,

but in his achievements or deeds the person accomplished'.

It seems his remark agrees with the Bible verse 'A tree is known by it's fruit.  

I and our 6 short term mission team are grateful that we were able to support them with encouraging words and some monetary help.

May you all be blessed with God fearing deeds.



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